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  • NONELEMENTARY — In computational complexity theory, the complexity class NONELEMENTARY is the complement of the class ELEMENTARY. Example decidable problems in NONELEMENTARY this class are: the problem of regular expression equivalence with not decision problem… …   Wikipedia

  • Nonelementary integral — In mathematics, a nonelementary antiderivative is an antiderivative for which it can be shown that there exists no formula in terms of elementary functions (i.e. involving polynomials, and the standard functions sin, cos, exp, and so on). A… …   Wikipedia

  • nonelementary — adj. * * * …   Universalium

  • nonelementary — adjective Not elementary …   Wiktionary

  • nonelementary — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • Nonlinear system — Not to be confused with Non linear editing system. This article describes the use of the term nonlinearity in mathematics. For other meanings, see nonlinearity (disambiguation). In mathematics, a nonlinear system is one that does not satisfy the… …   Wikipedia

  • metalogic — /met euh loj ik/, n. the logical analysis of the fundamental concepts of logic. [1835 45; META + LOGIC] * * * Study of the syntax and the semantics of formal languages and formal systems. It is related to, but does not include, the formal… …   Universalium

  • Integral — This article is about the concept of integrals in calculus. For the set of numbers, see integer. For other uses, see Integral (disambiguation). A definite integral of a function can be represented as the signed area of the region bounded by its… …   Wikipedia

  • Basel problem — The Basel problem is a famous problem in number theory, first posed by Pietro Mengoli in 1644, and solved by Leonhard Euler in 1735. Since the problem had withstood the attacks of the leading mathematicians of the day, Euler s solution brought… …   Wikipedia

  • ELEMENTARY — In computational complexity theory, the complexity class ELEMENTARY is the union of the classes in the exponential hierarchy.: egin{matrix} m{ELEMENTARY} = m{EXP}cup m{2EXP}cup m{3EXP}cupcdots = m{DTIME}(2^{n})cup m{DTIME}(2^{2^{n)cup… …   Wikipedia

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